What Our Patients Are Saying...

Dr. Lee is fantastic! Not only is he amazing, thorough, and excellent in his practice, but the entire office follows his lead in being equally skilled and thorough. If you want excellent dental care, this is the office. The whole team is efficient and kind. I actually love going to the dentist. Very appreciated.

Lee A.

Their office is really clean. Dr. Lee obviously cares about his team and the public. They all have masks and face shields. The hygienist has on a space suit with its own air filter! They also like to educate their clients on dental care. I recommend checking them out.

Yao C.

Dr. Lee is OUTSTANDING AND HONEST. My entire family (spouse, kids, mom, brothers, sisters, in-laws, and all of their kids) have gone to him for the past 30 years! We love him and his team. Excellent quality of work and service.

Leana Q.

Dr. Lee and his team are a phenomenal group of people! They are very professional, their office is always clean, and they are the nicest people. I have since moved out of state and I refuse to search for a dentist locally because I enjoy the treatment and kindness I have always received here. Dr. Lee is my forever dentist.

Miss S.

The hygienist possesses a gentle touch and gentle instructions, too! I was completely relaxed, comfortable, and confident of her abilities and skills. She's focused on her task at hand and seeks perfect results.

Gary F.

Been a patient here for many years. Wonderful dentist who cares about his patients! My teeth are in great shape with his guidance.

Jerri L.

Best dentist in Sacramento, CA. Dr. Lee and his team are friendly. Very clean and modern office.

Tim C.

I have been with Dr. Lee for 17 years or so. They are not just great at what they do - they are like family and friends. The team is professional and friendly. I feel very comfortable when seeing the dentist due to the friendly atmosphere.

Rick P.

My family has been very fortunate to have the team at this office for nearly 20 years for our dental needs. Dr. Lee has been incredibly consistent with providing a high level of care.

T. O.

As a person who has had to have major dental work throughout my life, I was honored to meet Dr. Lee. Kind, funny, meticulous, skilled, professional, and the best dentist I have ever met. He does everything in-house. He makes his own crowns and other things instead of sending them out to a lab. As a person who has suffered because of weak enamel and bad tooth genes, I will not go to any other dentist. As an experienced dental patient, he is the BEST IN SACRAMENTO.

M. H.

I've been coming to Dr. Lee for over 20 years. He always does a great job and takes great care of me. I left to go to another dentist once and won't ever do that again.

Kelsey B.

Dr. Lee and his team are very professional and very kind. I find them to practice in a very ethical manner. He doesn't prematurely lead you into costly dental procedures. Additionally, he is quite the artist with fillings! Kudos to this team!

Kingsley M.

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